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Razer Blade: The world’s first true gaming laptop

You don’t always have to be a heavyweight to make a big splash and that is exactly what Razer, the boutique computer manufacturer are aiming for with what they claim is “the world’s first true gaming laptop”. While many gaming laptops on the market are thick and heavy, the Razer Blade is the thinnest gaming laptop of its class measuring in at less than an inch thin and weighing less than seven pounds.

Innovation, portability, and power are the name of the game with this impressive gaming laptop. Developed in partnership with Intel, the Razer Blade houses an Intel Core i7 CPU, NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor and a 17-inch LED display, with true 1080p high definition video.

As the laptop was designed specifically for gaming, a cool feature of the Razer Blade is its Switchblade UI, allowing you to bind an infinite number of skills, commands, and macros to the illuminated keys with matching icon overlays for the game you are playing.

Razer states that the Blade should be available around the fourth quarter of 2011, while pricing is said to start at $2,799.99.