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Red vs. Blue gets a tenth season

Rooster Teeth’s popular web series, Red vs. Blue, is getting a 10th season starting on May 28, which happens to be Memorial Day this year. The show originally premiered on April 1, 2003 in a 19 episode run — though it’s hard to believe that RvB has been around for 10 seasons.

RvB didn’t invent machinima techniques, but Rooster Teeth popularized the animation form and garnered much of their fame and praise from the Halo-based webseries. Recently, Rooster Teeth’s channel passed the 1 billion views mark on YouTube, which makes it one of the highest viewed non-music channels on the popular video site. 

The 10th season of RvB concludes the Project Freelancer story, which has run through out the series. Project Freelancer is a top-secret military operation that has affected the lives of the Blood Gulch crew. In the 10th season fans will see how it all began and how it all went wrong. Series villians and heroes will see origins, meanwhile the Reds and Blues embark on a hunt for answers from the one man who started it all. New team members will be introduced including Elijah Wood (of Lord of the Rings fame) who joins the cast as the voice of AI program, Sigma.

Get back into the hilarity when Red vs. Blue returns on Monday, May 28th.