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Warframe gameplay debut

Never heard of Warframe? Not to worry — the video starts off with a quick explanation that’ll get you up to speed.

You play as a member of the dwindling Tenn0 race: a population of beings that are at war with the oppressive Grineer. The numbers are stacked against you, but you’ve got an ace up your sleeve: the Warframe. It’s an ancient technology that’s something like a souped-up exoskeleton, and the good news is that only the Tenno can use it.

Interestingly, the game is PvE, so everybody plays as the Tenno, and the Grineer are the common enemy. Judging from the gameplay, it looks like we’ll have a good set of supernatural abilities at our disposal, and since everyone is on the same team, it can’t be that hard to fend off the bad guys, can it?

We’ll see soon enough. The game is still in Alpha, but signups for the open Beta started yesterday.