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A Problem With ATI’s Drivers In DOOM 3?

Quote from the article:

“RECENTLY, WE RECEIVED a tip, some information claiming ATI drivers’ exhibited some odd behaviors in DOOM 3 and that the company might be compromising image quality for performance. What’s more, this problem seemed to be specific to DOOM 3, raising the possibility that ATI was guilty of engaging in an application-specific optimization–a practice the firm has forsworn.

Naturally, we were interested in the possibility of uncovering such a scandalous thing. We’ve dug into such juicy stories in the past, and the results have sometimes been rather enlightening. So we fired up our test rigs, busted out our sleuthing skills, and set out to see what exactly was happening with ATI’s drivers in DOOM 3. Read on to see what we found.”

It is sad to see ATI do this. These video card manufacturers will do whatever it takes to score higher benchmark scores. The video card market is not competitive that a higher frame rate score could mean the sucess or failure of their products.

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