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Activision and Treyarch make it official with a trailer, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will debut this November

It is finally official. After months of fans agonizingly waiting for a mere glimpse at the next Call of Duty game, Activision and developer Treyarch have pulled back the curtain and debuted the next title in the world’s biggest gaming franchise. Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be released on November 13.

But despite the totally unsurprising announcement that the next CoD game would, in fact, be Black Ops 2, the follow up to the 2010 Cold War-era Call of Duty offering, it appears that the game’s setting and story will move in a radically different direction. Rather than returning to the past, possibly with an eye on Grenada, or a grudge against Gorbachev, the next Call of Duty appears to be set in the near future.

This actually makes a lot of sense given some of Activision’s moves in the past, including snatching up several domain names, including “Call of Duty: Future Warfare” and “Call of Duty: Space Warfare,” to name a few. This may have been done before the decision was made to continue the Black Ops franchise-within-a-franchise. Then again, perhaps it is something that may still debut in the future.

A bit of information about the game, which now seems to be at least partially confirmed, was leaked on the Activision website recently, and more info is definitely on the way in the coming weeks and months. You can also certainly expect a closer look at the game at E3 in June. For now though, enjoy the video, and let the dissection of it begin.