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Activision confirms “Find Makarov” site a fake

Ok, so they got us. Last week, a website popped up with a cryptic countdown timer, stylized in what many recognize as the familiar font and color used by the Modern Warfare games, and the site was even called findmakarvov.com, which is a reference to one of the surviving antagonists from the Modern Warfare series. Turns out that Activision has officially confirmed that the trailer is a fake, and the website leads to a fan made trailer, albeit an exceedingly well done fan-made trailer.

To be fair, the timing was superb. It is pretty much expected that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be released this year–almost certainly in November–and with Game Developers Conference going on all week, it seemed like a reasonable time for Activision to unveil the game. And, it wasn’t just us! Lots of websites were fooled, and so many people flooded the site that it crashed at one point!

Eh, fine, they got us. Well played, sirs, well played.

Below is the trailer, which is actually very well done. Be warned though, there are graphic representations of warfare, as some of the most famous, and most gory, scenes from Modern Warfare are recreated in live action fashion.

[Warning: The trailer below may not be suitable for all ages.]