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Alien Hominid HD Invades Xbox Live Arcade

Alien Hominid HD Invades Xbox Live Arcade

Some parents, critics, and even some video game fans might express some legitimate concern that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is developing a gaming culture based on photo-realistic combat, brutality, violence, and gore. Despite parental controls and efforts to project a family-friendly stance, titles like the Halo franchise, Gears of War,Crackdown, and Bullet Witch don’t do much to endear folks who think video gaming might just be bringing on the end of civilization. And it might explain why the Nintendo Wii, with its emphasis on fun, whimsical, and casual gaming seems to be enjoying such a broad appeal.

But there’s nothing about the Xbox 360 that has to be about particle-accurate shooting, blood, and annihilation. Take, for example, the just-unleashed Alien Hominid HD from studio The Behemoth, a quirky, humorous 2D side-scroller which is the first full console title to be released on Xbox Live Arcade. In the game, players take on the role of a goofy little alien who’s spaceship has crashed on Earth, and now needs to get it back. The problem? All the FBI guys who keep getting in the way! Alien Hominid HD features offbeat hand-drawn graphics, support for 720p high-definition output, 16 levels of play, 7 mini-games, jump-in-anytime multiplayer support, and, of course, challenging bosses, 12 achievements, and more than 30 fashionable hats to be won. (Apparently, aliens like hats.)

And, for folks who only play games which contribute to the downfall of society, we’ll just note the game is rated T for “Teen” and features “adjustable” cartoon blood and gore. (Crank it up, baby!). Players can also set difficulty levels on a per-controller basis

Alien Hominid HD is available worldwide for 800 Microsoft Points (about $10 USD, although the price of Microsoft Points varies internationally).