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Atari confirms two new Matrix titles

A spokesman for Atari UK has denied that the company will release a new Matrix game to tie in with the launch of the third movie this Christmas, but stated that Shiny will develop new games based on the franchise for release at Christmas 2004 and in 2006.

Rumours which originated in Australia early this week claimed that Shiny would create another title to tie in with the release of The Matrix Revolutions in November, but this now appears to be simply a case of mixed signals – with Shiny’s next Matrix title not due until a year later at the end of 2004.

However, rumours persist that Atari may choose to re-release Enter The Matrix later this year in order to capitalise on the launch of the third film, possibly in the form of an Enter The Matrix Special Edition release.

Although the game has sold strongly to date – with over a million units sold in week one worldwide, it continues to top the sales charts in the UK after three weeks on sale – it has been poorly received by reviewers, many of whom have expressed the belief that the game was released unfinished. A Special Edition release could fix those problems – but may leave those who paid for the game first time around feeling rather annoyed.

Source: C&VG