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Battleborn co-op campaign footage clears up lots of questions

We’ve been able to gather one important fact about Gearbox Software’s Battleborn so far: It is a big game. Too big, really, for a first look demo to tell the whole story. Fortunately, Gearbox and publisher 2K Games seem to realize that, as they’ve released a lengthy new video that offers a mostly unfiltered peek at the game’s five-player cooperative story mode.

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Battleborn is set in a universe in which all of the stars in the sky, save one, have winked out. The interstellar travel-equipped species of the galaxy converge on this last safe haven and immediately begin fighting with one another. Differences are put aside, however, when a greater threat reveals itself, and hero’s of each faction — the Battleborn — rise up to push back against the menace.

This video doesn’t really delve into the story, nor does it give any sense of how the game’s competitive multiplayer mode works. You do get some enlightening talk about how everything works with this game from creative director Randy Varnell and writer Aaron Linde, however.