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Battlefield: Hardline beta is now open for PC

Last week at its E3 presentation, EA surprised fans by letting them sign up for a closed beta of Visceral Games’ cops and robbers shooter, Battlefield: Hardline. Practically the blink of an eye later, the developers have now opened that beta up on PC for instant access.

Joining the beta rewards you with some unique gear in Hardline and a special dog tag in Battlefield 4. There are also special challenges in place to encourage people getting in early. Reaching level 10 before the beta ends nets you a special Battlepack at launch. Enabling Facebook sharing in the beta earns you $1k in in-game cash to spend on new gear. These perks are available to both PC and PlayStation 4 players.

The PS4 beta is still closed for the time being, but you can sign up on the game’s website to join in on the fun. Battlefield: Hardline launches officially for PC and PlayStation/Xbox consoles on October 21, 2014