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Battlefield Hardline developers share changes from beta

The beta for Visceral Games’ upcoming cops ‘n robbers shooter Battlefield Hardline ended last week, and the developers are excited to turn all that useful input into even better game when it officially launches in October. To that end, the team posted a Community’s Most Wanted List of the top 10 changes they have already started to implement based on your feedback.

Kicking off the list is a 10-percent boost to movement speed, with an additional 10-percent boost for running with your pistol out, to mitigate complaints that the movement controls felt sluggish. Suppressing fire will also have less of an impact on aim, while still reducing the target’s situational awareness. Many of the changes revolve around vehicles, such as adding more special drivable vehicles like the Fuel Truck into every map, and enabling a handbrake in cars for some fast and furious drifting.

Check out the complete list at the developer blog and join the dialogue if you took part in the beta and want to assist in the game’s continued development. Battlefield Hardline comes to PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC on October 21.