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The best Xbox One compatible Xbox 360 games

Backwards compatibility is the holy grail of video game console features. Though it’s only occurred a few times, every new console prompts the question, “what am I going to do with all the games I already bought?”

In November 2015, Microsoft made a select number of disc-based and downloadable Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox one. Now, after Microsoft’s first backwards compatibility update in December 2015, there are more than 120 Xbox 360 games that run on the console. That seems like a lot, but with more than 1,000 titles in the Xbox 360 library, it isn’t easy to keep straight which games still work and which should stay in a box with your old 360.

What’s more, due to licensing agreements and potential development complications, the list of backwards-compatible games do not necessarily represent the essential Xbox 360 “canon.” There are some great games and some… not-so-great ones.

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Here some of the highlights you’ll want to keep in mind before unboxing your old console.

Fallout 3 ($15)

Bethesda’s original re-imagining of the Fallout universe set the gold standard for open-world RPGs in its time and still conjures up fond memories for so many players, even to this day. Even though you can now tool around the much prettier Commonwealth wasteland in Fallout 4, the apocalyptic ruins of Washington D.C. have retained their own charm.

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Halo: Reach ($17)

The only Halo that hasn’t been remastered for a new generation, Halo: Reach remains the narrative peak of the series. This prequel to the original Halo trilogy drew from the expanded canon of Halo novels, the game follows a team of Spartan soldiers fighting a losing battle against the Covenant for control of the planet Reach. The fifth and final entry in the series made by developer Bungie stands apart from other Halo games for taking bigger risks in both narrative and gameplay, introducing strong improvements, such as armor abilities.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($13)

This cyberpunk prequel/reboot to Ion Storm’s innovative action-RPG, Deus Ex: Human Revolution brought the franchise into the 21st century, connecting the wild world of cyborg conspiracy theories to our own. Players control Adam Jensen, a corporate security expert, who uncovers a global conspiracy while investigating an attack on his company forced him to replace most of his body with robotic prosthetics.

You might want to take Human Revolution for another spin soon, before the sequel, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, hits stores this summer.

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Spelunky ($15)

The endlessly replayable rogue-like has created a whole subculture of speed-runners and daily challenge streamers that continues to persist since it came to Xbox Live Arcade in 2012. In fact, Spelunky may benefit from making the jump to Xbox One more than any other game: The new console’s gameplay recording features makes it much easier Xbox players to tap into the game’s run-sharing communities.

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Portal: Still Alive ($15)

Valve’s masterful puzzle game puts players in a laboratory where they must complete a series of experimental puzzles using a gun that creates portals. The who, what, where, and why of it all are just icing on the cake.

Widely regarded as one of the best games of its generation, if not of all time, Portal is a game that everyone should play. Not just “fans of the genre” or “gamers,” everyone. If you have this version of the game, it’s always worth having on your hard drive, just in case.

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