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Best BlackBerry games

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guns n glory icon blackberry game appGuns’n’Glory Free (Free)

This is an addictive twist on the tower defense genre which throws elements of real-time strategy into the mix. Each map features a unique layout and your task is to assemble a gang of varmints and ambush anyone who tries to make it through. You can recruit Mexicans with dynamite, Indians with flaming arrows, and Desperados with six-shooters. Making the right choice and placing them well is crucial if you want to earn big gold which you can use to recruit and upgrade your men. For some reason, the premium version is $8 but all it does is remove the ads.


tiny bird icon blackberry game appTiny Bird ($1)

If you’ve heard of or played Tiny Wings then you’ll recognize this as a knock-off straight away. The aim is to keep your bird from getting sucked into the approaching storm and to do that you need to use the hills of each island to your advantage. The one-touch controls make this really accessible and it will hook you immediately. Visually, it has a colorful cartoon style which should appeal to the whole family.

plumber icon blackberry app gamePlumber (Free)

The imaginatively named, Plumber, casts you as a plumber and challenges you to get the water flowing. In order to do that you’ll need to rotate the pieces of pipe to create the right path from one side of the screen to the other. It’s familiar puzzle gameplay, but it still has an addictive hook.

plumber screenshot blackberry game app

play tomo icon blackberry app gamePlaytomo (Free)

How about a wee compendium of simple puzzle games for your BlackBerry? Playtomo includes more than 25 games. You’ve got a choice of Tetris clones, Sudoku, word puzzles, solitaire, and a few others that you’ll recognize. There’s easily enough addictive gameplay on offer here to keep you amused for a few hours.


fightin words icon blackberry game appFightin’ Words Free (Free)

Another smash hit game that has yet to make an appearance on the BlackBerry is Words with Friends, but this is the next best thing. It is basically multiplayer Scrabble. You’ve got in-game chat, you can get push notifications or emails when it’s your turn, and you can play against friends or strangers. It even works cross-platform, so you can play against people with Android phones.

fightin words screenshot blackberry game app

That’s it for our BlackBerry game roundup. Got a suggestion for another BB game worth trying? Post a comment and tell us.

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