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Marvels of post-apocalyptic engineering: the best Fallout 4 settlements and structures

Fallout 4 is a big game. Not only is the world massive, packed to the brim with all manner of interesting quests, characters, and locations to discover, but it also sports a number of other gameplay systems that take your adventure beyond the usual exploration that Bethesda’s RPGs are known for. Most notable among these is the settlement feature. Not content to simply provide players with a method for crafting their own gear and weaponry (which is a new addition in its own right), Fallout 4 features a robust set of tools that empowers players to create their own post-apocalyptic settlement. Whether that manifests as a sustainable farm of crops and mutated livestock, or heavily fortified fortress in the ruins of Boston (or both) is entirely up to you.

These creation tools are highly flexible, and have produced some impressively creative structures from the Fallout 4  fanbase. Throw in some a few mods mods and exploits of the game’s admitted buggy framework, and the possibilities become seemingly unlimited. We’ve searched the Internet for some of the biggest, most intricate, and most creative settlements and structures out there to help inspire your inner post-apocalyptic Frank Lloyd Wright.

Updated 2-26-2016 by Brendan Hesse: Added several new settlements, including Columbia, the Scrap Dragon, and more.

Columbia, the New Starlight Hotel, and more

Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia

YouTuber GPG Shepard built a floating settlement in Fallout 4 based on Bioshock Infinite‘s floating city, Columbia, thus creating a gaming chocolate-and-peanut butter pairing. The floating metropolis is impressive, and captures the bright, patriotic atmosphere of Columbia. If you’re interested in building your own version, GPG Shepard has uploaded a list of mods and objects used to build his settlement in the sky.

Hydroelectric Dam

One of the most interesting aspects of Fallout 4’s building mechanic is how it allows you to transform the Commonwealth. Here, creator dakishimisan returns electricity to this small town with the construction of a massive hydroelectric dam.

New Starlight Hotel

Rytlockeisakitten built this enormous, intricately designed hotel after a recent trip to Southeast Asia. While many of the structure’s made in Fallout 4 tend to reflect the crumbling reality of the game’s setting, the New Starlight Hotel is bright, and feels far more welcome that the usual shanty towns and raider outposts populating the world.

Sanctuary Compound

Rytlockeisakitten makes a second appearance on this list, this time with a sprawling compound built over the bombed-out ruins of Sanctuary, Fallout 4’s starting locations and the first settlement location in the game.

Scrap Dragon

This menacing mechanical dragon towers over the center of downtown Boston. Builder kavkavkav fashioned the beast out of scraps of junk, such as rusted cars, pieces of scaffolding, antennas, and other components strewn around the wasteland.

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