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12 games to play instead of watching the Super Bowl halftime show

On February 5, there’s a good chance are pretty high that you’re going to be at a party to watch the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots face off in Super Bowl LI. Football’s high-intensity action, competitiveness, and excitement are only amplified during the biggest game of the year, but the Super Bowl halftime show, which serves as a way to “cool down” after the first half, might not be for you. You want to carry that ferocity and competition into a few video games while you wait for the game to resume, and we’ve compiled a list of the best games to keep you busy.

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Halftime during the Super Bowl lasts about 30 minutes — more than double that of a typical NFL game — which should give you and your friends have plenty of time to get in a few rounds of something. The games we chose for this list were picked both for their excitement level, and for number of games you could comfortably complete without missing the start of the third quarter. We also made sure to feature a few local multiplayer titles ,so everyone at your viewing party can join in on the fun, as well as a classic mobile game if you happen to be the only one who isn’t interested in the halftime show.

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