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Amp up your holiday gaming with one of these great PlayStation 4 deals

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Note: Because pricing and availability frequently changes, it’s possible some of the deals listed below may no longer be available or will only be available on select dates.

The PlayStation 4 is at an exciting crossroads right now. The company has now sold more than 43 million consoles to date, and the recent release of the apt-titled PlayStation 4 Pro and many high-profile games — Battlefield 1Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, etc. — are only bolstering excitement for Sony’s future. More importantly, however, is the fact that the current hardware is more affordable than ever.

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Considering the PS4’s growing popularity, it was only a matter of time before a slew of discounted bundles hit the web. To help you find which bundle is right for you and your gaming habits, we’ve sifted through a host of deals, including those slated for Black Friday, to help make your decision that much easier. Below are our favorite bundles of the season: If you’re in the market for a new PS4, check these out!

The Best

PlayStation 4 “Slim” (500GB) with Uncharted 4 ($250)


If you’re not looking to pick up the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro console, you can’t beat what seems to be the official bundle of Black Friday. From November 24 until November 27, you’ll be able to pick up a PlayStation 4 (500GB) and Nathan Drake’s final adventure for a mere $250. The same deal also includes your choice of either The Last of Us Remastered or Ratchet & Clank, if you pick up the package on Black Friday. All three games are great ways to show off the power of your new system, and they happen to be some of the console’s best to date. Alternatively, you can net yourself a PlayStation 4 (500GB), Uncharted 4, and a $75 gift card to Kohl’s if you opt for the latter retailer. Walmart will offer a similar deal, though you’ll only receive a $30 gift card.

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GameStop Walmart Kohl’s

The Rest

PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB) ($370)


The PlayStation 4 Pro’s increased horsepower, 4K support, and 1TB hard drive make it the perfect option for the dedicated gamer in your family. The system is supported by new releases such as Dishonored 2 and Watch Dogs 2, as well as older games through software updates. Your copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops III will look better than ever on the PlayStation 4 Pro, especially if you invest in a 4K television with high-dynamic range (HDR). And if you decide to pick the console up through eBay, you can save $30 off the standard retail price. Best Buy is rumored to have an even better deal, one that nets you a free PlayStation 4 Pro with the purchase of a Toshiba 4K TV.

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PlayStation 4 (500GB): Uncharted 4 Limited Edition Bundle ($342)

Uncharted 4 Bundle Thumb

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is an epic, and caps off an award-winning series that features some of the best set pieces and story elements of any game in existence (sorry, Mass Effect fans). If you haven’t gotten the fourth title in the series yet, we have a treat for you — specifically, an Uncharted 4 bundle that includes some serious goodies. First off, you’ll get Uncharted 4. Then, you’ll get a limited-edition console that features silk-screened artwork from the landmark title, and a matching DualShock 4 controller. Not only does this bundle offer unique features for one of the most compelling games of the current console generation, but it’s also represents a great choice if you played — and loved — the previous Uncharted games but just haven’t gotten around to picking up a PS4.

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PlayStation 4 (500GB): Call of Duty: Black Ops III Bundle with Destiny: The Collection ($300)

Black Ops 2 Bundle

With this deal, you’ll get a PlayStation 4 and Black Ops III, last year’s sci-fi heavy Call of Duty game, along with a code for an extra multiplayer map. Note that the console you get here is just the run-of-the-mill, 500GB PS4, and it’s not the “Slim” version released earlier this year. Since Black Ops III isn’t the lastest installment in the Call of Duty Franchise, GameStop sweetened the deal with the inclusion of Destiny: The Collection, which compiles Bungie’s sci-fi shooter and each of the game’s four expansions.

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