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Bloodborne’s first expansion arrives this November

An expansion to From Software’s macabre masterpiece Bloodborne seemed inevitable, but both the developer and publisher Sony had been surprisingly tight-lipped about what it would entail or when fans could get their hands on it. That changed today with the announcement of Bloodborne – The Old Hunters, and it looks like there will still be quite a bit of waiting to do.

The Old Hunters, which will launch on November 24, is described by Sony’s Masaaki Yamagiwa as a chance to “experience the nightmare of the hunters who once guarded Byrgenwerth’s darkest secrets.” This appears to suggest that the expansion will act as a prequel to Miyazaki’s cryptic, Lovecraftian tale, and the name of a new boss, “Ludwig,” seems to suggest this as well; “Ludwig’s Blade” was among the several weapons you could equip in the original game.

The teaser trailer above shows off several new weapons and abilities, as well. A new take on the Kirkhammer appears to let you attach a spinning circular saw to a cleaver, and a new bow looks like a better way to pick off enemies from afar than the standard firearms. If you miss the magic from the Dark Souls series, that appears to be rectified in The Old Hunters, and is that … a shield? The line between From’s games appears to be blurring even more than before.

The expansion announcement also comes with news that Bloodborne has sold “more than 2 million units” thus far. To date, From’s two Dark Souls games have managed to sell about 8 million copies, though Bloodborne‘s platform exclusivity is at least partially to blame for the less-ridiculous figures, as well as the fact that it has only been available for about six months.

Bloodborne – The Old Hunters launches November 24 on PlayStation 4 and will set you back $20.