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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare console showdown: PlayStation 4 vs. PlayStation 3

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is here and, like so many generation-spanning releases that came before it, all eyes are on relative performance. How does X stack up against Y? In this case, X is a PlayStation 4 and Y is a PlayStation 3.

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You don’t even need to hit play here to know that the newer console delivers a stronger presentation. Much like our Xbox One versus Xbox 360 showdown, the difference is tremendous. The pre-rendered cinematic that occupies the first two minutes of the above comparison is obviously identical, since it’s pre-recorded video rather than live graphics processing.

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You really see the difference once the mission starts, however. The PS3 version is certainly passable. It looks like a Call of Duty game, top to bottom. But the PS4 pushes out more detail on virtually every level: It runs smoother, textures capture even finer details, particle and lighting effects create a more convincing illusion, and reflective surfaces are more true to life.

Both games run smoothly enough. The PS4 is prone to occasional loading hiccups mid-mission and its frame rate isn’t quite as rock-solid, but these minor issues are more than made up for by the overall presentation.