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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s co-op EXO Survival mode revealed

There’s a new trailer for Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In addition to the typically bombastic showcases of the game’s roller-coaster of a single-player campaign and tense, fast-moving multiplayer, the new look also reveals a third mode: EXO Survival.

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Seemingly modeled after the cooperative wave-based Survival modes of Modern Warfare 3, EXO Survival steps things up by equipping each player with the same powered military suit that allows for boost-assisted jumps, cloaking capabilities, and other difference-making abilities throughout the rest of the game.

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It’s not clear exactly how the mode works, but MW3‘s Survival sent players up against wave after wave of increasingly challenging enemy forces. Given the upcoming game’s focus on future-world military weaponry, we’re expecting EXO Survival to get pretty hectic. We’re talking about a game that features everything from mechs to hover-bikes.

You can see icons visible in the trailer that suggest the mode uses the same sort of stations that MW3‘s Survival did for purchasing weapons, grenades, and other forms of support. As you survive waves and take down enemies, you earn points that function as a form of in-match currency. You couldn’t carry them between matches in MW3, but you could save up and buy some powerful assists, such as airstrikes. Given the range of EXO suit abilities available in Advanced Warfare, we have a few ideas for where this new take on the mode could go.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare deploys for PC and PlayStation/Xbox consoles on November 4, 2014.