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Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Devastation DLC trailer releases the Kraken AND the Predator

The latest trailer for Devastation, the map pack coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts on April 3 (that’s this week!), takes a violent guided tour through the DLC’s four new multiplayer environments as well as a brief look at Mayday, the second chapter of the game’s wave-based survival mode, Extinction. Emphasis on violent. Headshots, bodyshots, knives in chests, explosions … if there’s a way to be fragged in Call of Duty, this trailer shows it happening in one of the new maps.

Meanwhile, Extinction’s Mayday pits as many as four human players against increasingly challenging waves of extraterrestrial invaders aboard a ghost ship in the South Pacific. It looks like the fighting culminates in a showdown with that undersea horror made famous by Clash of the Titans (and, sadly, its awful remake), the Kraken.

The trailer also confirms the inclusion of a Predator easter egg in the DLC. It’s not clear yet exactly how the Hollywood alien fits into the add-ons Ruins map, but it’s probably similar to the way Halloween killer Michael Myers was a part of the previous DLC release, Onslaught. In the earlier DLC’s Fog map, you could get a Field Order drop – Field Orders are randomized bonus killstreak-style rewards that you get for completing short pop-up challenges – that would allow you to transform into Myers. It looks like it could be the same with Ruins and the Predator.