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Cellfactor: Revolution To Get Physical

Cellfactor: Revolution To Get Physical

Artificial Studios captured some attention with its CellFactor: Combat Training technology demonstration at the 2006 Game Developer’s Conference, embracing Ageia’s PhysiX processor for simulating the physical behaviors of 3D objects and producing a trailer which enthusiasts downloaded more than a million times.

Not content, Artificial Studios plans to up the ante with CellFactor: Revolution this December, which brings Ageia-based physical modeling and object behavior to a myriad of game elements: players will be able to manipulate thousands of objects simultaneously, fight AI-driven computer opponents, drive vehicles, and challenge others in network play scenarios, all in five unique environments which feature fully destructible architecture. In other words, if bringing the whole world down around you is your thing, CellFactor: Revolution should be your thing.

CellFactor: Revolution will feature thousands of breakable objects, many of which could be used as weapons, and four times the number of interactive objects as CellFactor: Combat Training. Players will use powerful psychic abilities (like holding lots of objects with both hands, implosion powers, pushing objects away with a Psi Wave, and more) as well as operate new vehicles (including a mechanized power suit) and operate new weapons, including a physically realistic grappling hook.

CellFactor: Revolution fuses unpredictable psychic-powered warfare with awesome effects to produce a first-person shooter experience unlike any other,” said Jeremy Stieglitz, president of Artificial Studios. “Everyday we continue to discover new ways to harness the extensive capabilities of the PhysX processor, which opens up a whole new range of gameplay scenarios.”

Artificial Studios says CellFactor: Revolution will drop in December for Ageia-equipped PCs; more game info should be posted shortly on the CellFactor Web site.