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Classic board games are getting a technology-infused revamp

Game of Life zAPPed

While you may be patiently awaiting on Hasbro and Zynga to release the board game versions of Words With Friends or Farmville, there are new ways to enjoy classic games with a modern, technological twist. Games such as Monopoly, The Game of Life and Battleship are getting a zAPPed edition makeover which utilizes an iOS device as one of the digital gameplay elements.

Let’s start with the classic game of capitalization and world domination. Monopoly zAPPed is an update to newer versions of the game which allows players to use a debit-card system rather than fake paper money. With an iOS device, the gadget acts as a virtual bank teller for players to tap their synched debit cards to earn or pay money according to gameplay. This will also help players keep track of their own accounts as well as their competitors, which previously seemed like it was only possible by seeing who had the most orange $500 bills. Sick of having to roll doubles to get out of jail? The app also allows users to play mini-games to get out of jail for free or avoid paying a fine. The game is slated for a June 2012 release.

Hasbro is also coming out with a zAPPed version of The Game of Life which eliminates the manual spinner from the game entirely. Remember how there was always that one eager player who spun really hard, the spinner went flying off the center of the board? Instead, that game piece is now located on a seamless, touch-based screen of your iOS device, complete with the clicking sounds the spinner usually makes and without the fear of getting attacked by a plastic disc. Like Monopoly, players can try their hand at mini-games to win bonuses on their pay days (but they will still receive fake paper money). The app is also capable of playing more than 125 videos from America’s Funniest Home Videos to accompany which ever part of life you happen to end up. The Game of Life zAPPed is now available in stores.

Battleship zAPPed is the most complicated upgrade of the three, and requires players to use a special version of game pieces to place on their iPad screens. The app will follow along as players take turns, and recognizes when their ships are moved around the board. The iOS app will also play graphics of missiles and airstrikes when players successfully attack each other. This edition of the game might be best for more responsible players because you will not be able to substitute regular game pieces on the iPad screen should you happen to lose any. Players will have to wait until September for Battleship zApped to come out.

All three zAPPed editions of Monopoly, Battleship and Life costs $25, with the iOS app for Life complimentary, and an undisclosed fee for the app accommodating Monopoly. No word yet on Battleship, but hopefully with a technological addition to these traditional games, family game night might just be revived in the contemporary American home.