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Deus Ex: Human Revolution story to expand in The Missing Link DLC


Square-Enix is wasting no time in capitalizing on your love for cybernetically enhanced hero Adam Jensen, the star of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The game has only been in stores for a few weeks, and a DLC release has already been confirmed.

The Missing Link will be available from your digital download service of choice sometime in October, the game’s website confirms. It’s a little tricky to talk about if you haven’t played the game, as the DLC’s plot ties directly into a later part of the main game’s story. Bascially, there’s a point in Human Revolution when Jensen goes off the grid for three days. The Missing Link explores that time period.

It also adds new environments to explore and characters to interact with, of course. There’s action in Deus Ex, but there’s also a lot of talking and sneaking around. Given the main game’s focus on supporting all three styles of play, you can probably expect the same from The Missing Link. Part of the story also involves Adam losing access to his Augments (read: powers); over the course of his three-day journey, players will be able to respec him one Praxis point at a time.

No release date was revealed, but the posting promises that more details will be coming soon.