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These tips will help you make the most of ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’

The Deus Ex series is known for its flexibility, and Mankind Divided is no different. There’s no one right way to play: whether you want to be a carbon-clad murder machine, a benevolent ghost, or something in between, the game provides the tools to support your chosen style. Below you’ll find our suggestions for augments that you’ll want to focus on for various approaches — roughly presented in descending order of importance — along with some more general gameplay tips that can be used regardless of what kind of cyborg you’re hoping to become down the line.

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Go places

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Q3)

Deus Ex pulls from a lot of genres to create its cocktail of action, stealth, and role-playing, but one less obvious influence is Metroid. So much of the game is about exploring every nook and cranny of the environment and, like in the classic platformer series, many areas will be blocked until you’ve unlocked a particular ability. Getting these as early as possible will save you a lot of backtracking and open up more options for how to approach any situation, especially if you’re trying to be discrete.

  • Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis – Optimized Musculature: Vending machines, dumpsters, and heavy crates block a lot of the vents you’ll want to skulk through, and, when repositioned, can sometimes help you reach higher ground. That being the case, getting strong enough to move them is necessary to explore every possible option.
  • Implanted Rebreather: Certain areas are flooded with poisonous gas, and this will let you walk through them with peace of mind for a low amount of energy.
  • Icarus Landing: The ability to fall from any height without risk of damage is a nice safety precaution when you’re prowling Prague’s rooftops, sure, but it also allows you to access a few areas from above.
  • Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis: The entry-level leg upgrade helps you jump higher. It doesn’t open up too many new areas, but it certainly makes it easier to find higher ground.
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