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E3 Schedule: How to watch all of the E3 2016 press conferences live

Technically, the E3 kicks off Tuesday, June 14, but we all know that much of the show’s biggest news will be announced before the show floor opens, at the parade of publisher “keynote” press conferences in the days prior to the show. With more and more publishers broadcasting live-streams, there will be more live content coming out of this year’s show than ever before. We’ve rounded up some of the biggest broadcasts, including all of the press conferences, so you can follow along the news as it happens, hassle-free.

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EA Play

June 12 (1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET)

As you may or may not have heard, EA backed out of E3 this year. Instead, it hosted its own fan event, EA Play, adjacent to the show. At its keynote, the publisher showed off the bevy of games EA promised to debut ahead of the event, including Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Madden NFL 17. There were, however, a few surprises.

Details of Titanfall 2, the highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s hit Titanfall, may have leaked in trailer form early Sunday afternoon, but that didn’t stop EA from dishing the details of Respawn Entertainment’s futuristic FPS. The publisher announced a tentative release date, Oct. 28, and debuted snippets ofTitanfall 2’s offline, single-player campaign.

The event’s sci-fi tilt continued with Mass Effect: Andromeda, the next major entry in the developer Bioware’s blockbuster Mass Effect series. The game is a prequel of sorts, EA said — players follow humanity’s journey out of the Milky Way in search of a new home. It’ll run on EA’s Frostbite engine, the same engine that underlies Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield 1, and the new Mirror’s Edge, and will grant players “more freedom” than any BioWare game before it. It is scheduled to land sometime next year.

Star Wars was next up. EA is prepping a new Battlefront title for launch next year, and Visceral games is working to finalize a “narrative” title set in the Star Wars universe by 2018. And separately, Respawn’s started work on a Star Wars action game of its own.

Battlefield 1, the newest entry in Dice’s titular Battlefield series, got a few moments of fame: EA debuted a new in-game trailer featuring zeppelins, planes, and tanks, horses, and motorbikes, and other WWI-era modes of transport. Dynamic weather’s in tow, said EA, plus “destruction physics” and “Ultimate Vehicles.”

Sports remain a steadfastly profitable arena for EA, so it wasn’t exactly surprising that the publisher gave the upcoming FIFA 17 some attention. A new trailer showcased “The Journey,” a single-player story mode, and a club managers mode. FIFA 17, like Andromeda, uses the Frostbite engine, and features new gameplay physics and an “artificial intelligence system” informed by data from real-life players.

Last but not least, EA debuted EA Originals, a publishing program for indie developers. Devs who partner get strings-free access to EA’s resources — the publisher’s not taking a cut from game sales. The first EA Original, Fe from Zoink studio, sees players take on the role of a bear cub that fights ominous baddies known as Silent Ones with musical melodies.

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