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Far Cry 3 alternate E3 gameplay demo takes the quiet approach


In Far Cry 3 players will once again be deposited into a wide-open world with nothing more than the resources that are available on the ground to aid you. We don’t yet know why you’ve come to this lawless land or even where it is — informed speculation tells us it’s somewhere in the Pacific — but just like the previous game, success depends entirely on the opportunities you manage to create for yourself.

Today, Ubisoft released a new extended look at the game, roughly four minutes of raw footage that takes an alternate approach to the scenario that was shown last month at E3. Sneaking up along the side of a hill, our hero works his way to a zipline and uses a sniper rifle to blow up some fuel drums beneath a bridge — along with the bridge itself — and pick off enemy resistance from afar before heading in to mop up and grab a chopper out of there.

It certainly looks like another Far Cry game, that much is certain. That’s a good thing. Far Cry 2 wasn’t universally praised, but many pointed to its unforgiving save system and vast amount of physical space as defining features that put a welcome emphasis on the game’s survival elements.