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Here are some tips to get you started in the wilds of Far Cry 4’s Kyrat

One minute you’re on a bus to return your mother’s ashes to her homeland, and the next you’re thrust into a civil war. Not exactly a dream vacation, but such is your plight in Far Cry 4, the latest installment in Ubisoft’s open-world first-person shooter series.

But it’s not all bad! The wilds of Kyrat are brimming with activities (and honey badgers) to keep you occupied. It can actually be a bit overwhelming, so let us guide you through some of the thornier bits. We promise you’ll come out on the other end way more equipped to deal with the situation. With rockets.

Fresh off the bus

You may be pretty anxious to take down the evil Pagan Min, but hold those horses! Rather than dive deep into the story missions of Far Cry 4, just take a little toe-dip. There are three short missions you’re presented with at the start of the game (the last of these involves taking over an Outpost). Complete those first but then take a break from the campaign a little while. Why? It’s time to do some hunting!

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As was the case in Far Cry 3, animals are all over the place in Far Cry 4. And they’re not just there to tear your face off. You can craft animal pelts to upgrade your various “capacities,” increasing how many pieces of loot, how much ammo, and how many weapons you can carry at a single time.

Far Cry 4 guide - hunting

Thankfully the starting upgrades come really quickly, utilizing pelts from animals scattered around your first home base. Pull up the map and you’ll see where these animals hang out; just set a waypoint and get to hunting.

Protip: Use a bow instead of blowing up poor boars with C4. Killing animals with non-explosive arrows counts as a “clean kill,” netting you double the pelts, thus speeding up the upgrade process considerably. Of the starting-area animals, only the rhino will prove tough to take down with just arrows, so if you get fed up, yeah, you have my permission to blow that armored hide to kingdom come.

Once you have the second level upgrade for each of your bags, you can feel satisfied knowing that you’ve hunted your limit.

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