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Nintendo eShop updates with a double-dose of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy fans can grab the series’ latest spinoff and a beloved classic as part of this week’s Nintendo eShop update in North America.

This week marks the release of the Nintendo 3DS action-RPG Final Fantasy Explorers and a Virtual Console port of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, giving franchise fans access to dozens of hours of character building and strategic combat.

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Final Fantasy Explorers takes cues from Capcom’s Monster Hunter series, challenging players to defeat hordes of enemies and monstrous bosses in single-player and multiplayer modes. Featuring little in the way of narrative, Final Fantasy Explorers instead focuses on action and equipment crafting as its heroes quest for life-giving crystals.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance features strategy-oriented, turn-based gameplay that unfolds across a series of creative battle scenarios. Originally released for the Game Boy Advance in 2003, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is newly available for the Wii U as part of Nintendo’s Virtual Console service.

Both of this week’s eShop Final Fantasy releases feature a job system that allows characters to take on new professions in order to learn class-specific skills, abilities, spells, and monster summons. The mechanic has been a key element¬†of many past Final Fantasy games, including mainline series entries Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy XII.

The Nintendo 3DS eShop hosts a handful of new titles in addition to Final Fantasy Explorers this week, including the combat-oriented flight sim RV-7 My Drone, rhythm-driven cooking game Hello Kitty’s Magic Apron, and railway puzzler Crazy Train.

Nintendo Wii U owners, meanwhile, can check out the isometric stealth game Level 22, co-op puzzler Shadow Puppeteer, survival horror experience Joe’s Diner and digital compilation Mini-Games Madness Volume #1 as part of this week’s eShop update, along with the superhero-themed multiplatform action game Lego Marvel’s Avengers.