Forza Motorsport 4 E3 trailer can finally be viewed online

Forza 4

The Forza Motorsport 4 trailer that Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios debuted at E3 last month is car porn, pure and simple. It streamed online during the MS press conference, but today it is finally available online as a full-fledged trailer as opposed to something recorded off of a television screen. Little time is spent touting features or even gameplay, with the minute-and-a-half video instead cycling through a series of close-ups of car parts, both internal and external, while Kanye West’s “Power” fittingly plays over it. The trailer was hard to avoid at E3, to the point that ‘Ye probably owes Microsoft of thank you note for helping to sell so many copies of his latest album.

The big features touted during the latter half of the trailer all have to do with Kinect and community elements, which isn’t too surprising. You even get a few seconds to see the Kinect headtracking in action before we cut back to more car porn. Priorities… always important to keep sight of those priorities.

Enjoy the onslaught of car parts, little more than a month after the fact…

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