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Go Crazy: PlayStation 3 Gets A Section 8

Need to unleash a little mayhem? TimeGate Studios’ fast-paced first-person shooter Section 8 is now available to PlayStation 3 users in North America. The sci-fi first-person shooter was a hit on the PC and Xbox 360 last year, and the PlayStation 3 version offers enhanced graphics and more advanced gameplay, thanks to the extra development resources TimeGate was able to pour into the PS3 edition.

Section 8 will be an unforgettable experience for first-person shooter fans on the PlayStation 3 system since there’s nothing quite like it on the PlayStation Network,” said TimeGate Studios; CEO Adel Chaveleh, in a statement. “We’re sure fans will agree that Section 8 is a breath of fresh air for gamers tired of stale, ‘me-too’ multiplayer first-person shooters that fail to innovate.”

Section 8 follows the Earth’s 8th Armored Infantry unit as it’s deployed to engage with the Arm of Orion during a colonial insurrection—they get the name “Section 8” because they’re the only fighters nutty enough to get into powered armor suits and drop directly onto a battlefield from 15,000 feet up. The game features customizable layouts, three new maps that weren’t available on any other platform, deployable equipment, and dynamic objectives. The game features both an instant-action mode for single players, and a number of multi-player scenarios. Users can also host up to 32-player games on their own home PCs using TimeGate’s TGNServer, available from FilePlanet.

Section 8 is available for PlayStation 3 from the PlayStation Store for $29.99. The game is rated T for “Teen” by the ESRB.