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‘God of War’ rumors and news

More than seven years after felling Zeus and the Greek pantheon — or what was left of them — in God of War III, Kratos, everyone’s favorite god-murderer, is set to return in God of War, the eighth game in the series. Taking place many years after the events of the original series, Kratos’ age is showing this time around. He’s even more grizzled than before, raising his son in a world with a new pantheon: The Norse gods.

Though the development team and Sony haven’t revealed much about the game yet, we’ve rounded up as much info as we can about the series’ next chapter. A warning: This article contains major spoilers.

Catching up with Kratos

At E3 2016, Sony and Santa Monica Studios announced God of War, showing off a small slice of the new game. In the demo, a older Kratos teaches his young son how to survive in the wild, before saving him from a wild monster.

The demo included some spectacularly gory set pieces. What impressed us more, however, was the expert storytelling surrounding the unfamiliar role into which Kratos has been flung — that of a father. Though he still seems to be a terse, hard man, Kratos’ first words suggest that maybe his anger has begun to subside. “Your mother’s knife,” Kratos says to his son. “It belongs to you now.” Kratos’ son, who creative director Cory Barlog confirmed will be named Atreus, learned to hunt from his mother (about whom we know precious little thus far).

One thing is clear; since the the last time we saw him, Kratos has tried to get in his rage in control. According to Barlog, Kratos’ ability to manage his anger will be paramount to the new game’s plot, though he didn’t reveal any further details.

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