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Grand Theft Auto V debuts second trailer

The second trailer for Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V debuted today on the developer’s website, and the new footage offers quite a bit of new information regarding the next installment of the wildly popular open-world crime series.

First and foremost, the trailer sheds more light on the three main protagonists of the game. While retired criminal Michael narrates the trailer and describes the benefits of getting out of the crime game and living the high life, we’re introduced to Trevor, a grungy, molotov-tossing thug who controls the local gun and drug trade; as well as Franklin, a street-level criminal looking to move up in the world. The three characters’ paths are clearly intertwined in the game and provide the multi-character narrative described in recent reports, and Rockstar provides some explosive, fast-paced cinematics featuring each of the three men peppered throughout the trailer.

Oh, and the trailer also includes a few brief scenes with Michael’s son, a teenage, wannabe-gangster who will probably provide some of the game’s comic relief.

While the trailer certainly showcases a lot of the game’s cinematic elements, there’s precious little gameplay to be found in the footage. Rockstar is clearly taking a movie-style approach to marketing the project, which shouldn’t be surprising, given current trends in gaming.

It’s also worth noting that the game appears to retain a lot of the comedy that worked in prior installments of the franchise, and seems to offer a nice balance between the grittier crime elements and the fun to be had in titles like 2009’s The Ballad of Gay Tony.

You can watch the new Grand theft Auto V trailer below: