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Now that Hearthstone is available on your phone, it’s playable almost anywhere

Since it entered open beta in January of last year, Hearthstone has enjoyed immense popularity. After its initial launch on the PC and Mac, it headed to the iPad and then to Android tablets. And late last year it was announced that the game was indeed coming to phones as well.

Now that time has come. The final slots in Blizzard’s multi-platform lineup for Hearthstone were filled yesterday as the game was finally released for both the iPhone and Android phones.

If you’ve played the game before, it will seem familiar if a little shrunk down. While most elements are proportionally smaller, some have been enlarged for better visibility on smaller screens.

Upon launching, you’ll be prompted to log in to your Battle.net account if you’ve played before. Novice players are taken right to the tutorial and their first set of free cards.

Even if you’ve been playing Hearthstone since the open beta, you’ll still get something for free by downloading the mobile version of the game. Playing a match in Play, Arena, or Practice mode earns newbies and veterans alike a free Classic card pack.

For Android users, the only listed system requirement is 1GB RAM, though Blizzard points out that some devices have compatibility issues. Android 5.0 Lollipop is recommended as well. Many popular Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, HTC One M8, and Moto X are listed as verified working.

For iPhone users, the requirements are much more simple: The game requires iOS 5.0 or later, and any phone from the iPhone 4s and up will run it. Obviously, the better screens on later models will make for better visibility.

To download the game for your phone, head to either the App Store or the Google Play Store. If you’re not sure that your phone is compatible, check the Blizzard system requirements page for Hearthstone.