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Here’s your first peek at what the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons director is up to next

Mixed among the many world premiere trailers that debuted at the 2014 Game Awards was a quiet, little video from Electronic Arts. More talk than flash, EA’s surprise of the night left many excited nonetheless: Hazelight, a studio founded by Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons director Josef Fares, is partnered with the publisher on its first, as-yet-untitled game.

Fares worked with Starbreeze on Brothers, delivering a cooperative game built for just one player, with each control stick on a gamepad controlling one of two brothers in a story-driven puzzle game. He speaks very generally in the video about his plans for Hazelight’s debut, but it ends with a brief glimpse that’s meant to set the mood: Two men, camped out in a moving train’s freight car, staring out the open door at a moonlit mountain range.