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How to redeem an Xbox One code

how to redeem a code on your xbox one s
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So you’ve just received an Xbox One console and you’re ready start tapping into the treasure trove of games and content, starting with the bonus stuff that came bundled with the hardware! Microsoft continues to offers users several different ways to redeem various prepaid codes and downloadable content, whether you’re looking to do so directly on your console, through your favorite web browser, or using the official Xbox app for Android and iOS. Here’s how.

Redeeming on your console

There are two separate ways to input codes on an Xbox One console: With your controller, or using a Kinect sensor. If you own a Kinect and have a QR code with your download key, this process will take less than a minute. If you don’t have a Kinect, however, things will take slightly longer.

Step 1: Load up the code input screen

If your Kinect is plugged in, simply say “Xbox, use a code” to make your console jump to the input screen, where you’ll have the option of either entering a 25-digit code or scanning the QR code using the Kinect’s built-in sensor.

If you have a Kinect and a QR code, simply hold it up to the Kinect when prompted. The Kinect will recognize the downloadable content you wish to install. Simply confirm the information and you’re good to go.

If you don’t, hit the right bumper on your controller to bring up the Store. Then, select the use a code option under the Games section.

Step 2: Enter your code

Most code cards contain a 25-digit number, and don’t provide you with any other way to enter the information. If this is the case, select enter the 25-character code and use your controller to enter the numbers you see on your card (don’t worry about the hyphens). Once you have finished and confirmed the numbers, you should see a list of the downloadable content you’re about to install. Select Confirm and you’re done!

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