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Here’s what we expect to see at the Nintendo Switch Unveiling Event

Watch the Nintendo Switch presentation right here! Here's what we know!

Nearly three months after the Nintendo Switch was shown for the first time, pertinent launch details on Nintendo’s dual console-handheld have finally been revealed. Nintendo addressed the world from Tokyo on Thursday at 11 p.m. ET. On January 13, Nintendo is hosting a “Treehouse Live” livestream at 9:30am ET, while introducing the Switch to the press at an event in New York City. Given the gap between the initial reveal and now — not to mention the console’s forthcoming launch in March — speculation on the machine has intensified in recent weeks.

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Nintendo’s Switch reveal event on January 12 focused both on the console’s hardware specifications — yes, it has a touch screen — as well as a selection of games the console will be receiving within the first few months of release. The New York City event is expected to offer up more details on games and go even deeper into the Switch’s features, and will be the first opportunity for press to try it out. You can watch both shows on the livestream embedded above, as well as through Nintendo’s official site, Twitch, and YouTube. If you’re unable to stream the show, however, rest assured that Nintendo will post updates to its Twitter throughout the show.

Everything we have heard about the Switch up to this point can be found here, but this is what we know, think, and hope to hear during this week’s press bonanza.

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