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Kickstarter opens for business in the United Kingdom, opening the doors for British devs


The year of Kickstarter continues! Games like Broken Sword, Wasteland 2, the unnamed Double Fine Adventure, and Obsidian’s Project Eternity have been funded with millions of dollars in 2012. The crowd-funding service even helped Ouya, a Google Android powered gaming console developed by Boxer8, get the funding to attempt a commercial release. Up to now, though, Kickstarter has been a largely American service. No more! Kickstarter UK opened for business on Wednesday.

Kickstarter’s UK operation launched with 194 projects seeking funding, a large number of them being video games. Among them are games like Kung Fu Superstar, a motion controlled fighting game developed by Kinesthetic Games. Who is Kinesthetic Games? A studio founded by Kostas Zarifis, formerly of Lionhead and veteran of games like Fable 2, Fable 3, and Fable: The Journey.

Kickstarter’s UK-based projects won’t be segregated from American projects, so anyone looking for foreign delicacies will find them right alongside the local fare on Kickstarter.com.