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Be the Last Team Standing in GTA Online

The latest update to Grand Theft Auto Online adds a host of new gear, vehicles, and the ability to create your own Last Team Standing jobs. This vicious mode pits teams head to head with no second chances. Ten new Last Team Standing jobs have been spread around Los Santos, and the Creator has been updated to let you create even more.

The Creator has also been updated with the ability to add rounds to Capture and Last Team Standing jobs. You can also now limit weapons in the Job Creator, creating scenarios like “Snipers-Only,” or even the Goldeneye classic, “Slappers-Only.”

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The update also brings some new gear like a heavy shotgun, marksman rifle, and bulletproof helmets. The Shitzu Hakuchou sports bike, LCC Innovation chopper, and Lampadati Furore GT sports car can now all grace your garage as well.

Various other tweaks and gameplay changes have been made, like raising the betting limit from $2,500 to $10,000, and you can see the whole list here. The Last Team Standing update is available for download now.