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The Lego Movie has outtakes, and you can see them here

The Lego Movie debuted in theaters on February 7, and has received generally favorable reviews on its way to earning a whole bunch of money – nearly $100 million to date. In celebration, and because why not, Warner Bros and the Lego team have released the “outtakes” of the film.

Eagle eyed readers, or really anyone that actually read the above paragraph, may notice that the word “outtakes” is found embraced by a pair of quotation marks. While the video is filled with what are technically outtakes, since the film is animated the clips are obviously created specifically to be outtakes. In that sense, they are almost a parody of real outtakes. Deep stuff.

If you have not seen the film and plan to, you may want to give this clip a pass until you watch it. It’s not so much that you have to contend with story spoilers, but there are several surprises in the film and these outtakes give a few of those away.

If you have no intention of watching the film – maybe you are just a big outtake guy – then have at it.