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Dive into the mysteries of Life is Strange episode 2

Dontnod has released a trailer for the upcoming second episode of its episodic, teenage time travel adventure, Life is Strange, set to arrive on March 24.

Protagonist Max Caulfield is coming to terms with the time-rewinding power she mysteriously developed in the first episode. She is shown revealing her power to friend Chloe in a diner scene right out of Groundhog Day. Visions of the lighthouse and tornado still haunt her, and with Chloe’s help she sets out to investigate what’s happening to her and the town. Publisher Square Enix promises to expand the scope of the game’s world in episode 2.

“You will start to see much of your choices affecting the story in a lot of different ways, be prepared for some surprises! You will also discover new locations as Max will go outside of Blackwell Academy and start exploring new areas in Arcadia Bay. You’ll be able to learn more about the town, its inhabitants, and the social issues it’s facing. On top of this, new and important characters will be introduced, as well as having a lot of difficult choices to make.”

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Episode 2 hits PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows on March 24. Individual episodes can be purchased for $5, or the entire, five-episode season can be bought as a bundle for $20.