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BioShock, XCOM, and more available in 2K’s holiday mobile sale

Publisher 2K Games has announced a holiday sale for select mobile titles in its catalog, all of them relatively new. From now until January 5, the following titles are available at discounts in the neighborhood of 50-percent:

  • Civilization Revolution 2 ($8 down from $15) — Take control of the world’s great nations with leaders like Winston Churchill and Napoleon Bonaparte in this mobile iteration of Sid Meier’s long-running series.
  • BioShock ($5 from $11) — The underwater city of Rapture is one of the most iconic locations in modern gaming, and this idea-rich first person shooter from Ken Levine is one of the defining games of the last decade.
  • XCOM: Enemy Within ($7 from $13) — Firaxis’ reimagining of the 90s classic, particularly with the Enemy Within expansion, is one of the best strategy games in recent years, and perfect for touch-screen play.
  • NHL 2K ($4 from $8) — With numerous single- and multiplayer modes, his mobile exclusive is the first entry in the hockey franchise since it was discontinued after NHL 2K11.
  • NBA 2K15 ($4 from $8) — If the console version isn’t enough to scratch your basketball itch, this mobile port will let you shoot hoops on the go.

All five of these games are available at their discounted price in the iOS App Store until January 5, 2015