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Mario Kart 8 set for May release

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Following the news that Nintendo suffered significant losses in 2013, leading to its president and board members taking big pay cuts, the company attempted to right the ship by announcing plans for the future. Those plans cover a great deal of ground, but there was one obvious piece of good news to come from it all for Wii U users: Mario Kart 8 is coming this May.

One of Nintendo’s major advantages is its first-party games. They are a huge draw for company, but they are also few and far between compared to the number of third-party releases that are skipping the Wii U in favor of more widely owned gaming platforms. When the exclusives do come, they are typically worth the wait. Or at least, that’s what Nintendo is hoping for with Mario Kart 8, the eleventh game in the series.

An exact release date wasn’t given other than May, but we should be hearing firm info relatively soon.