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Minecraft update to include new monster

Minecraft new monster creepyMinecraft is often thought of an oddly charming building game full of pixelated blocks. What most people don’t know is the dangers that lurk in Minecraft while the rest of the block world is sleeping. Developer Markus Persson (aka: Notch) revealed via Google+ a new, creepy imagine of the next bad guy to join Minecraft. There are currently five normal bad guys in Minecraft, seven if you include a couple of rare or hard to find mobs. So the addition of a new one is a big deal for all those obsessed with Minecraft.

Minecraft day guyWithout any information provided by Notch, we can only speculate about the new lanky figure in the picture. What we see in the picture is a tall, slender creature, carrying a block. This leads us to question whether the mob will be able to adjust and change the world, or are just carries random blocks. We are going to assume the shadowy figure wants to do harm, explaining the “creepy” look. If the new monster is able to modify the environment created by Minecrafters, it might ruffle a few feathers with the game’s loyal following, who spend days creating structures and environments.

Minecraft has been taking the world by storm in the past year, with over a million copies of the game sold while it was still in beta. It recently removed the beta tag, and is now a full-fledged game of block-moving delight. Notch has made it clear that the Minecraft team is working on an iOS and Android version of the game. The Android version will be only available for the Xperia Play for a period of time before being widely available for all devices.

If you have never played Minecraft, you should try it. You will either hate it or become addicted to it. There isn’t much grey area when it comes to Minecraft, and we think that is one of the draws of the game.