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More details about Grand Theft Auto V characters and setting revealed

The next trailer for Grand Theft Auto V will arrive on Wednesday, but a few more details about the much-anticipated next installment of the open-world crime series have already found their way online.

In order to promote the upcoming GTAV-themed December issue of Game Informer magazine, the publisher has posted a new image featuring the game’s three, still-unnamed protagonists. The trio’s stories will serve as the narrative thread for the game, which will unfold across all three characters’ adventures in the fictional city of Los Santos — a faux Los Angeles of sorts.

While we’ve seen at least one of the characters in previous GTA marketing material, there’s still no official word on how the three men relate to each other and how their stories will blend to form the over-arching narrative of the game.

What we do know, however, is that the next trailer for Grand Theft Auto V will debut November 14, with the game itself scheduled for a Spring 2013 release, possibly mid-May if Rockstar sticks to its recent release pattern. Pre-orders for the game kicked off this week at certain retailers.

More details about the game are sure to arrive online soon, once the full issue of Game Informer is available.