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Never sleep again after watching this Silent Hill concept trailer

Sony took everyone by surprise when, following the reveal of a playable teaser for a game called “P.T.” at Gamescom 2014, it was discovered that the first-person puzzle was actual a teaser for the next Silent Hill game. Titled Silent Hills, it’s a collaboration between Hideo Kojima/Kojima Productions, Guillermo del Toro, and The Walking Dead TV series star Norman Reedus.

While the game itself continues to be a mystery, Kojima took the stage with members of his team at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show to offer a look at a concept trailer for what eventually became the interactive teaser. It’s more overt in its reliance on supernatural horror than P.T. is, and it gives a sense of how the Silent Hill series’ visual style might evolve with the new generation of gaming hardware.

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Konami has yet to set a release date for Silent Hills, or even reveal anything about the game itself: What the story is, how it connects to established canon, whether or not the events of P.T. tie to it, and so on. If this concept trailer is any indication, though, the Kojima/del Toro creative collaboration is looking like a real treat for fans of horror.