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New Lego’s game to support Hyper-Threading

The game, co-published by Electronic Arts, is scheduled for release in fall 2003.

The BIONICLE toy line, which combines the best of construction, action figure and storytelling, is based on a good-versus-evil storyline. Six BIONICLE heroes, each with their own elemental powers, battle against the darkness that has been cast over their island home of Mata Nui. The companies’ goal is to bring the BIONICLE toys to life on the PC and create a realistic and immersive BIONICLE world through the power of the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with Hyper-Threading (HT) Technology.

Intel’s HT Technology allows the PC’s processor to perform multiple tasks at one time with greater responsiveness. With this capability now available on new PCs based on the Intel Pentium 4 processor, companies such as LEGO Interactive and Argonaut Games, the BIONICLE game developer, can create more vivid and creative games. For example, as children battle against the shadow of darkness within the game, the “Toa” BIONICLE characters leap out of the game with more life-like qualities and shadows. The environment around them will appear more realistic, from the sparkling waters of the lakes of Mata Nui to the billowing clouds rolling across the skies.

“Innovation in PC technology is making it possible for the creative community to bring an exciting new entertainment experience to the PC,” said Ann Lewnes, vice president, Sales and Marketing Group, and director, Intel Inside® Program and Co-Marketing, Intel. “LEGO Interactive is capitalizing on the capabilities of the Intel Pentium 4 processor and HT Technology to create a PC game with true-to-life visuals that take the award-winning BIONICLE toys into a new realm of entertainment.”

“We are extremely pleased with this co-marketing program and to be taking advantage of the capabilities of Intel’s latest processor innovation. Intel’s know-how and experience will benefit both our developers and our consumers by maximizing the PC gaming experience. The BIONICLE game is an important milestone in achieving our goal of establishing LEGO Interactive as an important gaming brand for six to 12 year olds,” says Tom Stone, vice president, LEGO Interactive.

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For more information on the BIONICLE game, please visit www.BIONICLE.com or http://info.ea.com.