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A new look at Bloodborne dives into shadowy depths lined with jump scares and friends

From Software’s Bloodborne got a fresh look at The Game Awards on December 5, with a new trailer/gameplay clip that reveals a darkness-shrouded new area. It’s light on explanation but heavy on revelations for the eagle-eyed viewers, with some new weapons (nifty flamethrower, no?) and monsters, as well as a peek at the game’s promised online play.

There’s no user interface in the video that identifies what’s going on, but context seems paint out a situation in which one player joins forces with two others, seemingly encountered at random. From Software’s Souls games take an unconventional approach to cooperative multiplayer, so it’s certainly possible that Bloodborne follows suit in some manner.

The clip culminates in a 3v1 fight against a nasty-looking hunter who looks like a blood-and-pistol-wielding Grim Reaper… that is until he transforms into a nasty, slime-slicked demon-thing. The clip really serves to highlight how From is attempting to channel the highly technical action/role-playing game-style combat of Demon’s/Dark Souls and merge it with the sort of fast-moving melee/ranged combo combat of the Devil May Cry games.

Bloodborne comes to PlayStation 4 on March 24, 2015.