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Nintendo 3DS system update finally arrives

The long-awaited firmware update for Nintendo 3DS has officially arrived, bringing with it a host of expected — and even better, unexpected — new features.

The anticipated update to the 3DS camera does indeed give you the ability to record 3D video and create stop-motion film projects, but it’s the update to the StreetPass social environment that comes with a few pleasant surprises.

The Mii Plaza in StreetPass now features a series of “accomplishments” (the equivalent of Xbox “achievements” or PlayStation “trophies,” it seems) that can be unlocked according to the number and location of other Miis you interact with. A music player has also been added to the Mii Plaza, as well as new games (including Find Mii 2 and new additions to Puzzle Swap) and the ability to transport Miis from the internet to your Mii Plaza.

Along with new features for the camera and StreetPass, the latest update also adds a “Nintendo Zone” app that allows for some special features linked to “participating” wi-fi hotspots.

There are likely to be a few more features that accompany the new update, so make sure to let us know what else you discover as you Mii-ander (*wince*) around the new 3DS environment.