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Nintendo Announces New DS Titles

Nintendo has received support from software publishers worldwide, over 120 games are currently in development, below is a partial list of games currently in development for the dual-screened handheld.

Atari, Inc.
— Atari Classics

Atlus USA
— Caduceus
— Snowboard Kids DS
— Plus three additional titles in development

Bandai Entertainment Inc.
— Meteos
— Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
— Plus one additional title in development

Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
— Mega Man Battle Network
— Viewtiful Joe
— Plus one additional title in development

Electronic Arts
— GoldenEye
— Madden NFL
— Need For Speed Underground
— Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf
— The URBZ: Sims in the City

Hudson Soft Co., Ltd.
— Bomberman

Koei Co., Ltd.
— Dynasty Warriors (working title)
— Plus two additional titles in development

Konami Digital Entertainment
— Boktai (working title)
— Castlevania (working title)
— Dragon Booster (working title)
— Frogger 2005 (working title)
— Survival Kids (working title)
— World Soccer Winning Eleven series (working title)
— Vandal Hearts (working titles)
— WINX (working title)
— Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour

— Moonlight Fables
— Nanostray
— Plus at least three additional titles in development

Namco Hometek Inc.
— New Mr. Driller (working title)
— Pac ‘n Roll (working title)
— Pac-Pix (working title)

Orbital Media
— Four titles in development, including the genres of action platformer, strategy role-playing, combat racing and family.

SEGA of America, Inc.
— Project Rub (working title)
— Sonic DS (working title)

Square Enix Co., Ltd.
— A new story of Secret of Mana
— A new story of Slime Morimori Dragon Quest
— Dragon Quest Monsters series
— Egg Monster Heroes
— Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series

Summitsoft Corporation
— Air Assault 2
— Organizer Plus

Tecmo, Inc.
— Monster Rancher
— Plus one additional title in development

Telegames, Inc.
— Ultimate Brain Games
— Ultimate Card Games
— Ultimate Pocket Games

— SpongeBob SquarePants
— Plus five additional titles in development

Ubisoft Entertainment
— Asphalt GT
— Rayman
— Plus additional titles in development, including a major movie license for early 2005

Vivendi Universal Games
— Robots