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Nintendo Cites Wii, DS for Surging Profits

Nintendo’s unique approach to gaming that had skeptics chattering at the Wii’s release seems to be paying out in spades. According to the company’s latest financial information, released Thursday, net profits for the financial year ending March 31 are up 77.2 percent from last year to $1.47 billion.

Nintendo cited the strong success of the Nintendo DS portable system and Wii for its profits. According to a release, the company sold 23 million DS portables in the fiscal year, jacking up lifetime sales to 40 million systems. It also sold 123 million Nintendo DS games. On the Wii front, sales have been tallied at 5.84 million since the system’s introduction, along with 29 million games.

Sights are set high for the coming year. Nintendo expects to sell 14 million Wii systems and 55 million Wii games, as well as 22 million more Nintendo DS units and 130 million DS games.  Consolidated sales are forecasted to rise 18 percent, and operating profits to rise 20 percent.